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Parents this adventure of learning to be brave in a big world takes the reader on a whimsical journey to repair Little Miss Peep’s, dearest friend's squeaker. A magical journey In a world of colossal feet, young readers will be captivated by the whimsical landscapes and charming characters. This beautifully illustrated story is a testament to the power of friendship and bravery that lies within even the smallest of heroes. A story of hope, courage, and magic that can be found in the most unexpected places.  As Miss Peep is learning to be courageous in the land of giant feet she meets new friends and discovers new things along the way. This fun-to-read adventure with rhyming flow encourages children's love of joining in and reading! Fun for all ages with new lessons to uncover as children grow, sparking conversations along the way.

Little Miss Peep in the Land of Giant Feet
also available in an ebook.

Updated with New Artwork 2023  

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