We are like the waves crashing into the shore, ever changing the shoreline of our lives.

Let us kiss the shore gently with compassion. Let us demolish the shoreline of hate and indifference with these waves.

Each one of us is a temple housing a piece of Love-Light. When we nurture love, the light in us all grows. When we do nothing about hate and indifference that light dims. This may not seem like much but to care for our love light is the most important and sometimes this is all we can do. Keep hope alive by caring for the love-light inside of you then share it by blessing each other with a smile or a kind word. Here are blessings for you...

Love is Patient, Love is Kindness, Love is Compassion in Action

To the misunderstood and the victim's blamed: May Blessings come in the form of understanding and support.
Walk on, may your light shine strong.

To those lost in the sea of hate, be it yourself or others my you wash ashore to the isle of compassion. Blessings to your return to the light.

Blessings to those who break the silence to end the violence no matter the cost to themselves. 

Blessings to those trapped in laziness and shame allowing hate to be their fuel: May the return to the light and use their energy for healing the world around them. May they start by standing up and refusing to allow hate and violence to continue in their presents.

Sometimes all we have is to hold a space of kindness for all that know not what they do when wielding their pain as a weapon. Blessings to All who hold the love-light space.

Blessings to they who seek the path to Love-Light. 

Blessings to they who are kind

Hope is a smile

Hope is the arrival of a new baby

Hope is true kindness without expectations 

Hope is compassion in action

Blessing to those who seek help then get abused by providers gas lighting them. May you find true love-light workers who care. Keep the faith, hold on! Don't let them push you to extreme actions or despair. Hold strong to the love-light.

Blessings to those who help bring peace.

Blessings to the lost in obsession my they find balance.

Blessings to the people who stop the blame game and get to the real work. 

Blessings to the people that do the work to help.

Love dose not lurk, peep, bully, or harass. Blessings to they who are brave when asking out a possible love interest. Many more blessings when the answer is no, then respecting their boundaries while learning and growing from the experience. 

3/20/2023 Blessings to all the people in the clutches of human trafficking. May we find safe haven.

1 (888) 373-7888

National Human Trafficking Hotline

SMS: 233733 (Text "HELP" or "INFO")

Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week

Languages: English, Spanish and 200 more languages


3/19/2023 Blessings to the weak may they find the strength to carry on. May they know that they are not alone. May they know that it is weakness that helps us learn to be strong. May they know they are loved. May they find the courage to do the right thing.

3/18/2023 Blessings to persons suffering with homelessness. May your community support you. May the people be understanding you did not choose this. May you not be abused as you seek a safe place. Keep hope alive there is kindness out there.

3/17/2023 Blessings to all who are being drugged against your will: May you be freed from the evil people keeping you from your true self. May true Angle helpers find you and keep you safe. May you be believed when your captors lie about you. May you live in peace and strength.

3/16/2023 Blessings to all Teachers: May you know that your patience kindness can be the tipping point in a person's life. May you be paid your true worth. May your community support you in times of need. 

3/15/2023 Blessings to the Bus Drivers: May you be free from pain. May you have happy riders to bring you kindness and smiles. May you be safe from abuses. 

3/14/2023 Blessings to our oceans and water ways: May humans learn to help keep you clean and fresh for all the lives depending on you. May you run free and clear.

3/13/2023 Blessings to all all Creatures great and small: May the Creatures facing extinction find a refuge. May you know only humans who are kind to you. 

3/12/2023 Blessings to the Peace Makers: Blessings on your work to help us all live in a better world. Know you are loved. Know even the smallest act is seen.

3/11/2023 Blessings to the first Responders: May you be safe on the job. May you feel loved and respected for the time you take from your own family and friends. May people remember to say thank you.

3/10/2023 Blessings to the laughter makers: 
May you find more giggles to share. May your Whoopie cushions always have loud toots.
May your dribble cup stay leaky. May you feel that love of the smile you brings. No matter how big or small laughter is key to save us all. 

03/09/2023 Blessings to all the families displaced: May you find a safe place to call home. May you find kind hearts, and a compassionate smiles to ease your struggle. Many Blessings to everyone who needs a safe home. 

03/08/2023 Blessings to all women in the world.  A special Blessings to the women in Iran: Women around the world stand with you. Blessings of strength and conviction. No woman is free until we are all free.
Blessings on the movement to light & love may the love-light blind learn to see. May their hearts be opened with compassion as their eyes are flooded in love, light & peace.

 03/07/2023 Blessings to missing loved ones: May your family be reunited and strengthened. Know your hearts are not alone, the love-light will carry you on when you feel you can't stand. Bring our babies home is a mother's cry that never walks alone. Feel the arms of all mother's hearts holding you strong.

03/06/2023 Blessings to the Strong: Blessings to your strength may you use it teach kindness compassion and honor. Let it not be a burden but a delight. Strength in all forms seen and unseen teach us well so we may carry on.

03/05/2023 Blessing to those struggling with pain in your body: May you find the healing relief you need to free you from the bonds of agony. 

03/04/2023 Blessings to the lost souls feeling drawn by hate. May the hate melt away and you see your fellow human as you. May you stop to slip your on neighbor shoes to walk a mile. Life's beauty is waiting for you to show your hearts grace.

03/03/2023   Blessing to all planet guardians. 

You light the way each and every day. Teaching through example hold strong to the vision of light and love to sooth the selfish beast. May we see the future of clean water and beach. may we all live with nature and thrive.

03/02/2023 Blessings to the the families and friends of Jason Arno 37-year-old was a member of The Buffalo Fire Department's Engine Co. 2. Blessings to Jason Arno may you be held by angles on you way. May your friends and family feel your love around them.


I stand at the shore.
Blessings to you the Hiku.
A whisper on wind.

02/28/2023 Self Blessing: Take 3 minutes to give a kindness to you.
1. stand up or sit up straight.
2. place your right hand on your heart,
3. repeat "I Am" out loud as you hold your hand on your heart.
4. move your hand out about 4-5 inches repeat again out loud "I Am"
5.Then Repeat for 3 min.
6. End with a long deep breath and a moment of stillness. You are a Blessing

02/27/2023 Blessings to all who keep love alive. We are one in the light of love holding strong to that love that carries us when we fall.

02/26/2023 Blessings to all who walk in the dark. May you look for light in life and know, only good deeds will bring you back from the dark path you're on. Know love is here waiting for you to shine on. Be the love light you want to see around the world. 

02/25/2023 Blessings to all displaced by harsh weather. May you find safe shelter and loving people to guide you on your way. May you regain balance in your life, be able to keep love ones safe and together in a new loving home. You are not alone, there's much love coming to you.

02/24/2023 Blessings to Deputy Drew Kennison of Clark County WA. May you recover soon. Blessings to your family and friends who stay by your side as you are being born into this new chapter of your life. Love will light the way.

02/23/2023 Blessings to Whoopi Goldberg much love, well wishes and big hugs go out to you today we are all missing your beautiful soul shine. Get well soon.

02/22/2023 Blessings to your body.

 This body is not who we are. We only reside in this temple. This flesh ship can take us around the world. Peering out the eye windows watching other ships pass by.

Be delighted in this knowing that you are a piece of the God-light the soul-shine landed here to experience the physical form.

This ship can be customized by our will. This birthday suit may have arrived too big or too small maybe torn or has worn a hole. These things do not define us. This body is just the one suite we wear until our mission is complete.

The Beautiful you is what shines through.

02/21/2023  Blessings to all who keep the light alive. We are like the waves crashing into the shore, ever changing the shoreline of our lives.

Let us kiss the shore gently with compassion. Let us demolish the shoreline of hate.

You are the temple. Housing a piece of God. When you grow love the God in you grows.

When you do nothing about hate, the light grows dim.

02/20/2023 Blessings to all who suffer from body image issues. May this blessing reach your heart. It's not what is on the outside that makes you truly beautiful. Your strength of character, kindness and compassion. Look to the great people who open hearts and minds they were not the super models types most often they are the real people like you let your beauty shine from within.

02/19/2023 Blessing to the Artists for bringing us the gift of colors to light. Blessing to the Artists who bring us song to sooth our hearts and help us carry on. Blessing to your strength of listening to this muse. May you remember to keep a little of that magic gift for you.

02/18/2023 Blessings to all with beards. May your cookies not be too crumbly. May your Barber's edge be straight and true and may your partners be free from whisker burn. 

02/17/2023 Blessings to all with Dyslexia. May you know you are amazing, smart and talented.  You will persevere. Always remember some things are more important than perfection. 

02/16/2023 Blessings to the lost children may you find your way home. May compassion and safety find you. May you find hope and strength in your darkest days. May wholesome adults bring you safely home. May you have caring people around you to help you heal and shine your light again.

02/15/2023    Today's Blessings go out to all the people suffering in Turkey and Syria from this most devastating event. We are holding you with love in our hearts. We keep the faith for all those who bring aid to those in need. The love and kindness is there to keep lifting our fellow beings of light.

02/14/2023 On this day devoted to love let us remember the war torn countries. Blessings to those who serve the love light. Our prayers are with you who seek to heal the human condition. Remember when you feel tired we will carry the love light and hold you close to our hearts.  May Peace Be With You